I was very happy to read your book COMEBACK.
I have spent nearly 52 years of marketing in different good companies.
I am telling all my friends to read this book.

Your COMEBACK is really very good.

With Regards
Jagdish Gupte.

Congratulations on writing such a wonderful book.

It was one of the best books I have read in recent times. I started reading the book when my flight took off from pune to Delhi and completed it when it was about to land in Delhi . Believe me I was so engrossed that I was unaware that I was in a flight. I must also add that it was one of the few books I completed from start to end without taking a break.

I am still finding it difficult to believe it is a fiction.

The book captures brilliantly what has been really happening in quite a few promotor led construction companies in india except for The Comeback which is rare.

It has been a truly a inspiring experience.

Sanjeev Prithani

Just completed reading your book "The Comeback.

It's a wonderful book. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book, language is very simple, lucid, still to the point. Enchansed by vision. My hearty compliments to you Suhasji. Very useful to all entrepreneurs.

Snajy Khanzode, Nashik

Dear sir,

I happened to read your book 'The Comeback' ?recently and thought it truly deserves a reading by upcoming entrepreneurs & students of business & management. The plot of the book is extremely relevant to the current times and the 7 step pyramid theory applies to virtually every sector / line of business.? Besides, the poem 'Don't Quit' has found its place on the pin-up board ?of my office cabin!

I would be writing to my alma ?mater - S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (we correspond quite regularly as a part of the alumni program) recommending the book as a part of the curriculum / additional reading for the students of their course on 'Family Managed Business'. I am sure they would consider it seriously courtesy the learning's it imparts & the inspiration it injects!

Akshaye Rathi

Hi Suhas,

I happen to read your book "The Comeback" today. The simplicity of the book and the power of the message you have conveyed in it is very touching. Needless to say that I read this book in a single sitting.

Please accept my hearty congratulations on such a great book.

I am an author myself and look at inspiration from every quarters. I can truly say that I found one in your book.

Keep up the good work.


Alok Kumar | Managing Director | Sears IT & Management Services (I) Pvt. Limited

Congratulate for writing such a wonderful book. It is very suitable for management students and it's a wonderful case study. I belive it should be part of their curriculum. It has got great impact as the book is wonderfully written in very understanding language without so call management jargon.

Firoz Khan | Executive Director | FMS Pune.

I truly belive in turning every 'SETBACK' into a 'COMEBACK'. This book will be my constant companion and source of inspiration.

Santosh Nair | Communication Specialist | Smmart.

Comeback is a great story about a business man battling all odds to survive bankruptcy and turn the business around. I started reading this book one sunday afternoon and finished it in 5 hours. I was so hooked on to the book that I didn't feel like taking any break and after finishing the book I felt so happy and motivated. It's a great book for all budding entrepreneurs and businessmen going through a rough patch.

It's very easy to read, depicts in a simple way how marwari family businesses are run and common challenges which invariably each one of them faces. It also underlines the need of professional management of business which thankfully most of the family run large corporate houses in India is imbibing. The story about 7 step pyramid is quite insightful and provides tools of not just measuring your business value but also look at operational inefficiencies. I love the pencil example in explaining how we accrue things which we don't really need and in turn block resources and space. I love the ending of the book with explanation of step 7 which mostly we ignore.

As an avid business reader I would say its a refreshing read. I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who needs a pep talk. The book does complete justice to the objective of explaining the comeback and motivating the readers to fight back.

On the flip side, I felt that it would have been great to associate some sense of timelines with each event. For eg. What was the initial investment, When did the brothers start the business, what happened to the electric business, when did Shailesh move to Bangalore, How did Nilesh end with in stock brokering when he use to travel to mumbai to liason with govt officials?

Shree Damani | Lead Consultant | Thought Work India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent book. Will help anyone who goes thru the building process.

Prasan Thakkar | Vinsons Inc.


'The Comeback' would be the Bible for businessmen across the industry besought with unexpected difficulties. Today's industrial scenario is full of surprises due to vast changes in economic practices, technology and the ensuing managerial processes. One cannot rely on the age-old ways to find one's way through this maze.

It is an excellent read for people seeking insights into the realities of the corporate world. This would be of special interest to anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to survive in business.

Click here for more details..

- Central Chronicle | 6th Aug. 2010


In "The Comeback", Suhas Mantri discusses about financial mismanagement of the protagonist Harsh Mehta that led to bankruptcy of his company. The interesting part is that how Harsh Mehta overcomes his bad times and makes his company stand once again on its toes. ... Takshak, a student from Symbiosis Pune describes the book as "the bible for every college entrepreneur, this book teaches a student everything that is not being taught at business schools" ....

Click here for more details..

- Karan Samal

The book `The Comeback' did inspire me a lot.

I particularly liked the 7 pyramid concept, it does make a lot of sense.

- Vivek Sadhale | Company Secretary and Head - Legal | Persistent Systems

Wonderful book. Simple flowing language and good content.

I enjoyed it.

- Shrikant Parulekar | Partner | Astra Concrete Products

"The comeback" is an exceptionally good book specially for Indian entrepreneurs. I derived great inspiration from it and am determined to work more ethically from now on.

We Indian readers always read books written by foreign authors ,but Indian business scenario is different, the book projects it very well. Must read for all Indian entrepreneurs.

- Karan Samal | Big Eye Team


Pune, in the early 1990s, had transformed from a pensioner's paradise to a metropolitan city, and the construction industry was booming, writes Suhas Mantri in 'The Comeback: A story of bankruptcy and survival'. Harsh, a protagonist in the tale, heading Mehta Housing, finds that his pitches to prospective clients pay off, his ideas are successful, and there are exciting and innovative designs to work with.

Click here for more details..

- THE HINDU - 24/04/2010


The book "The Comeback – a story of bankruptcy and survival," tells us a fictionalized story of a construction company that fought bankruptcy during the slowdown

This book gives practical insights of dealing bankruptcy in Indian scenario. The steps are very practical. It will benefit not just the business community, but also, inspire common lots as they go through financial and personal vagaries of life. The story is even more promising as at the end it tells us what we actually live for.

Click here for more details..

- FRONTIER INDIA, 29/06/2010


Spelling out his success mantra, Suhas Mantri, Chairman of Mantri Constructions and author of The Comeback: A story of Bankruptcy & Survival, says, "Fight the odds and make a comeback. When the going gets tough, instead of quitting and losing hope, one must strive to regain lost glory."

Click here for more details..

- DNA 22/6/2010


Suhas Mantri, chairman of Mantri Construction, who authored a book "Comeback" -- a story of bankruptcy and survival.

The book introduces an array of business solutions to tackle difficulties in real life when it comes to corporate and business situations. Termed ''Pyramid'', the technique shows what steps to follow and in which order.

Click here for more details..



Suhas Mantri, a visionary man of distinctive ideas, is a master businessman with no fear of failure. A vibrant and confident entrepreneur, whose life is a lesson in stepping courageously from the known into the unknown.

He reveals his personal tale of bankruptcy and survival in his debut novel. 'The Comeback' would be the Bible for businessmen across the industry be sought with unexpected difficulties.

Click here for more details..

- Elagaan.com /India.Business.News 04/04/2010


Suhas Mantri, the Chairman of Mantri Constructions who took it to greater horizons, has written a book 'The Comeback'--a story of bankruptcy and survival.

The book is a story of an entrepreneur who from the brink of bankruptcy not only managed to survive, but bounced back to business as usual

Click here for more details..

- Andhra Business Bureau - 02/04/2010

After reading the Book, I feel so relaxed and happy.

I always had the question mark as to how LN Mittal turnaround loss making units but still looked energetic. Rightly as written in the book, I always had in my mind the mantras for turnarounds. In the history of MBA education they often talk about growing companies case studies or startups but never for turnarounds.

The seven steps are really awesome and the boundaries for my happiness has charged me a lot.

- Saket Jalan, Director, JGI Venture

Fight back the odds and make a 'Comeback'

When the chips are down, instead of quitting and losing hope on life, one has to stage a fight back against the odds to regain the lost glory and make a Comeback, is the mantra given by Suhas Mantri, one of the leading real estate developers, in his book "The Comeback".

The Book `Comeback' – a story of bankruptcy & survival, Published by Harper Collins under category Fiction/Business, this 183 pages book spells out mantra to survive and excel

Click on this link for more details

- News.Plugged.in - 3/4/2010

The book `The Comeback' reminded me of the IPO epidemic which hit the capital market in early 1980s and 1990s. Those were the days of window dressings, the race for higher and higher premiums, which totally neglected the intrinsic value and which lead to a spate of business failures. Even the Merchant Bankers were party to this game of " Premiums ". Those were the days of Controller of capital issues " and creative accounting was the name of game. I have experienced some of the things which are mentioned in the book and hence got engrossed in.

- Mr. Anant Sardeshmukh, Executive Director General, MCCIA.

It is a very engrossing book.

I liked the comments about joint family businesses.

- Snehal Harsule

The book 'THE COME BACK' - The writing is very good and I enjoyed the subject and contents.

- Anushrav C. Bhatt, Chairman, Nirantar Group

I like to congratulate Harsh Mehta for the courage, patience and character he has exercised in the toughest of times anyone could ever face. It was such a deep insight into the whole cycle of business; the fall and the fight back that at the end of it, I was exalted and felt a deep sense of gratitude.
I feel now I am much more confident about starting a new business than what I was before.

- Parimal Joshi, Software Engineer, Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.

This book is simply enlightening. Though I am not an entrepreneur however I manage one of the prestigious account of my Company. After reading the book I could find a fresh perspective to think.<<>>In the times of short term visions backed by forged statistics which only lead to long term losses. This book passes the right message "Honesty and Right intent prevails".

Vikas S Kapdoskar, Project Manager , GSS(i), Amdocs

Vow , what a great story , Not every man in world like Harsh will get mentors like Swaroopchandji and Ratan Billimoria at times of distress.<>For those unfortunate one's, the book is a real mentor and solution provider. After reading the book, it has given me strength to start freshly from scratch.<>One thing is assured after reading the book is "Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win".

- Vinayagam, CEO, Vista International

The book was very interesting to know the ups and downs in life and business, the way it was handled and have gained back the faith and confidence which was fading away.

- Justin Raj, Ransom Realtors

Great book, "Failure is the first step to success", Realistic,logical,great insight into day to day business, Superb pyramid restructuring, A great insight for every businessman who likes taking risks for greater returns . Really inspiring.

- Vishal Nahar , Director, Eiffel Developers

The concept of the book is very good - Keep it simple and straight forward!!!

- Arun Nair • Manager – Development, Ness Technologies

"The comeback is captivating and charming story of a Marwadi business family, the way Harsh overcomes adversities, which would have overwhelmed a lesser man is truly inspirational for younger generation. The seven step pyramid is highly effective way of bringing a struggling business back to life and can be taught as a business case study in some of the top Management Schools in India and abroad. <
>This book is a must read for all young aspiring entrepreneurs

Sugeet Sarda, Equity Research Analyst, Irevna, a Division of CRISIL

The book `The Comeback' appears to be a candid presentation of struggle and ultimate success.

- Neelkanth Kalyani, Chairman, Kalyani Forge Ltd

The book is amazingly relevant and laconic style of writing makes it really useful for all those who are somehow connected with business environment.

Harsha 's character , family dilemmas when it come to financial matters, rational decision making while keeping in mind long term perspectives, choosing correct, ethical and transparent approach in building institutions which are built to last and not just exist is what it conveys through 7 steps approach.

Not just closely held companies' promoters but even Finance managers, over zealous marketing managers will benefit from the insights.

It's unputdownable and approach mentioned is thoroughly practical and implementable !

- Mahesh Nadgaudi, Area Manager- HNI and Strategic Business.

The title of book "COMEBACK" speaks a lot ,and really inspired how to keep courage in all difficult situations with all patience and has taught us a lesson "WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY"

Suchita Sarda

The book is a perfect combination of hardwork and success. Its truly inspirational for todays generation as it represents the optimistic attitude that a businessman needs to grow in life.<
> <
> The 7 steps mentioned in the pyramid to achieve success is motivational and effective.

Gopal Maheshwari, Director, Sanskar T.V

Under the cover of this book, you have tried to show a pathway to young entrepreneurs, as to how professionally they can face the onslaughts in their tasks and seek solutions on their own. The book is a portray of your struggle for existence on the backdrop of economic recession.

- Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath D Karad, Founder President, World Peace Center, MAEER's MIT, Pune.

Indeed its very well written. The second half of the Novel is useful for any businessman to follow.

It should be an eye opener for many in the construction business and may be for other businesses too.

- Kishor Chandak, CMD, Chandak Developers Pvt. Ltd.

The character of Harsh Mehta, driven by values and rock solid integrity comes across as a very well defined personality.

The decline in business and also 'The Comeback' is seamless and gradual, thus seems very natural.

The prescribed seven step 'Pyramid' theory for regaining lost ground can be practiced by any individual who is caught in a situation, by remaining focused.

Its an absorbing and riveting read, the language is simple, incisive and direct. Racy narration made me go from cover to cover in one single stretch. Won't be surprised if it is lapped up by any National level Management Institute as a 'case study'.

Overall, a good and paisa vasool reading experience, ,

R.K. Patil, Director, Orion Trims Pvt Ltd

Brilliant & Heartfelt. Well done & keep the link flowing.

- Ranjit Naiknavare , M.D., Naiknavare Associates

It was so lucid writing, I got engrossed in the book completely. I think seven steps of Pyramid are applicable to us as a Doctor as well.

- Dr, Ketan Khurjekar, Spine Surgeon

I read the whole book in 2 hours - Wonderful book.

Raju Kale

I got myself so much involved and I have completed the book at a stretch. Although this is a family story, the principles of Finance, Business & Economics are explained in very simple and lucid manner & in such a way that it will be useful for every entrepreneur.

- Rajendra Sarda, CMD, Sarda Electronics

While reading the book I could visualize the entire system under which the Real Estate Industry works. Also realized the importance of "Industry Status" for the Construction Industry . I was particularly more impressed with the pyramid which explains the 7 simple steps to recovery. The 7 steps should be implemented by every one not only for recovery but as a general business practice considering the volatility in Construction business.

- Satish Magar,CMD, Magarpata Township Development Const. Co.Ltd.,
- President – Credai, Pune, V

"The Comeback" has provided me great insight on practical business views on what a Businessman should not do & get carried away, and all those things a Businessman should do on a regular basis to run a healthy & prosperous business. The book has been so intriguiging!

- Rinku Shewani, MD, Shagun Developers

As a true said, "Failure is the first step of the building of success", it is all proved in the book. It is a sensual story of a successful person, who can not see the dark side of life full of bankruptcy for a long and fights with the situation to rise and go on in life.

This book is definitely a contribution of amazing link of experiences to the society as well. It will surely lead the ones who are depressed and pressurized with failures to hope.

- Radheshyam Goyal , Chairman, Synergy Institute of Management.

A difficult task , very well done. It should be read by all business school teachers and students , professionals like lawyers , accountants , civil engineers and bankers. The last chapter on life balance is equally well illustrated. It should be of great help to all ambitious , hard working people because most of them tend to develop a single track focus to earn material benefits and end losing the gift of life itself. It is an inspiring example of reconstructing a company and putting it in a story in print for ever. Remarkable!!.

It is written in a very lucid and interesting style and looks like " management made easy". Excellent work.

- V .N. Rao – Former Branch Head , HDFC

Wonderful book . The contents are so realistic and found in day to day life of many entrepreneurs in some from or other thaw I feel book can go as case study book for management curriculum.

Language is quite simple and have made it attractive the way you have narrated it as a story.

- Dr. Sudhir Rashingkar , President , RCG Instruments

The book is absolutely awesome. The story is gripping and makes you think and reflect on how seemingly reasonable decisions can cumulatively turn disastrous during difficult times. It also makes one think about family relations and how they can come in the way of rational decision making.

The seven step pyramid is an excellent tool to manage fiscal prudence. I learnt a lot today.

- Dr. Anand Deshpande , Ph.D. | Founder and Managing Director Persistent Systems Ltd.

There are always business cycles which affect the performance of organisations , leading to challenges for people who run them. I am sure your book will be useful for a lot of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

- Sanjay Kirloskar , CEO , Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

What a book! Never were the travails of a businessman on the brink of bankruptcy so excellently described! Shows how one can begin his journey , even when it seems all is over.

- Prakash Bang , C.M.D. , Websource Ltd.

'The Comeback' unfolds the success story of a courageous entrepreneur in a compelling manner. It ranks high not just amongst the management books; but also amongst the motivational ones.

- Manish Gupta , C.M.D. , Chrysalis

The subject of the book – how to handle finance crisis created due to mismanagement of finance is handled very nicely. A book can surely be helpful for entrepreneurs , businessman as well as to the students who will be tomorrows professionals.

- Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad , MIT Group of Institutions , Pune.

The Comeback ! Not only is the story very compelling but it is also extremely well written and well edited , and the overall presentation is superb.

Heartiest congratulations on the outstanding effort!

- Milon Nag , Chairman & Managing Director , K.K. Nag Ltd.

It narrates facts of life which everyone is not able to pen down and accumulate together.

Its gripping and you cant stop halfway once you start reading.

- Santosh Mutha , CMD , Delite Foods Pvt. Ltd.

It looks a product of really hard intellectual labour and exercise and it is very well prepared.

- Dr. Satya Pal Singh , Commissioner of Police , Pune

The book will give a great insite to the very relevant topic of how to survive in difficult times.

- Lila Poonawala , Chairperson , Lila Consultancy Services

The book is very informative and will be useful for those whose industry is sick and will know how to revive it.

- Dr. V ithaldas Chandak , M.D.

What a great effort – Admirable.

- Prof. K.N. V aid , Director General , Aakruti Foundation.

It would throw lights as to how to survive in the business during tough times. Needless to say , it would also throw a lifeline for people who are already into the turmoil.

- Murugesan , COO , Shriram Properties Ltd.

Congratulations , It was a fight , but you did it.

- Vikram S Puri , CEO & MD , Transworld Compressor Technologies Ltd.

Facing tough situation and overcoming it , will be a lighthouse for many of us.

- S.R. Joshi , Sr. V ice President , Persistent Systems Ltd.

Will get some lessons and inspiration to survive in this competitive and hostile environment which is so needed by budding entrepreneurs like us. More so , for a salaried class of people entering into business.

- Dr. Kedar Deobhankar , CEO , Ross Life science Private Limited

Once started I could not keep the book down and finished in single sitting. Needless to say , No doubt the book is very inspiring.

- Jitendra Sardesai , M.D. & C.E.O. , I-Source Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

It is a wonderful book throwing light on how , with great confidence and courage Mr. Harsh Mehta went through the agony of failure & how he came up out of the serious collapse. This book would encourage all youngsters to avoid depression & stress and would promote new efforts to bring glory in their business and life.

- P.C. Shejwalkar , Director , Institute of Management Education

It definitely is very interesting

- Ramesh More , Managing Director , Poona Bottling Ltd.

Enjoyed the book particularly the pyramid explicitly explained step by step approach to resolve the financial mismanagement and it had a very interesting flow with an ending worth learning.

- Kinjal Pancholi , Director , BSH Hydrocarbons

It is a very insightful look into the traps of business- I hope many developers and business persons as well as business families read the book- I am sure there are learnings for everyone in it.

- Rohit Gera , J.M.D. , Gera Developers

The sheer idea & approach to share your experience & wisdom with ppl at large & thereby touching lives of million of ppl is nothing short than a great innovation.

- Nainesh Shah , E.D. , Everest Developers

This is a great story of the contradictions of aggressive ambition , volatile socio-cultural change , the lures of achievements & the final struggle to iron out the winkles of what was once supposed to be the perfect life.

- Amala Sheth , C.M.D. , Metaphors

It opened my eyes.. its not gyan , its realisation & would say thank you.

- Nainesh Bora , E.D. , Twilight Litaka Pharma Ltd.

Great book to read.

- Kunj Tibrewal , C.M.D. , Infoworld Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

It will be of great help to the entrepreneurs.

- Santosh Ostwal , C.M.D. , Ossian Agro Automation

A very interesting topic to write about and It is a very good read.

- Manish Kothari , Director , Kothari Group

I hope from the bottom of that people will attain great success and climb the ladder of achievements throughout their life.

- Rajan Khinvasara , C.M.D. , Manisha Group

Despite the busy schedule and in the line of business you are , you have taken the time out to pursue your writing skills and put it so beautifully into a book.

- Archana Gogia , Manager Admin. , MIEL E-Security Pvt. Ltd.

The book is not only amazing but an eye opener as well. The 7 pyramid steps are just fantastic.

- Subhash Kela , C.M.D. , Eesha Packaging Ltd.

No words to express my feelings about the way the book is written. The essence of the story , never ever trust anybody .

- Prashant Rathi

Great Pace and simple details. Lucid and moving. Can feel the pressures the board room meetings add , particularly when the head wins over the heart and the considerations take over the courage...in quest of relationships that seldom offer solace. Have a great journey in the world of the pen.

- Satish Mandora

Really inspiring.

- Amit Thepade , Director , Galaxy Group

It is indeed a brave act to write candidly about fallacies or lacunas which lead to failure , most importantly it is a great initiative to educate people , warn them about the pitfalls in Business and at the same time inspire them and try to give them the recepie to success.

- V inayak Parkhe ,

The book was most engrossing & there were important lessons all along. The book will be a gospel for every youngster in a joint family business & will give him strength to say no when required.

- Sanjay Runwal , M.D. , Runwal Housing

It is wonderful. I admire your courage and straight forwardness to write down. Congratulations!

- Shripad Khurjekar , Advocate

It is going to be inspiration for many people.

- Vishal Bohra , JMD , Abha Precision Farming Pvt. Ltd.

I found it extremely interesting and since it is written in such simple language , I could understand it thoroughly. I had the curiosity to know what happened next , . A very inspiring book indeed….

- Renu Maheshwari

It is very inspiring and motivational. I think The book is an epitome for the success in the real estate business. It is amazing the way things have turned around

- Rohit Pandit

Congratulations.. it is a great and relevant topic..

- Satish Jain , CMD , PC Soft

I found the book very insightful and informative.

- Saket Chudiwal

Hats off to you and keep it up.

- Milind Kshirsagar , MD , DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.